ACT NOW: Show your support for Universal Voter Registration

Voting Rights March

America suffers from disturbingly low voter registration and turnout rates. Almost 50 million eligible people were not even registered to vote in the 2012 election, and another 12 million experienced problems with their registration that kept them from voting.¹ Until America remedies its anemic voter turnout and registration, it cannot be called a true democracy.

In May 2015, Oregon became the the first state to pass a New Motor Voter Law and as many as 300,000² Oregonians could be added to the voter rolls by 2016. Just this year, similar legislation was up for debate in nearly a dozen states and the movement for the increase in voter registration continues to grow.

What exactly would Automatic, or universal, Voter Registration do?

  • The government (whether state or federal, depending on the law) adopts the responsibility of registering eligible Americans to vote
  • Reduce state government costs of paper registration systems
  • increase voter participation
  • Add as many as 55 million new voters to the rolls³
  • Increase representation of communities of color, youth, and low-income communities

Sign our pledge now to stand with us and demand Universal Voter Registration for each and every American.


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Photo Credit: Michael Fleshman, @fleshmanpix on flickr